Welcome to my color blog!

midnight mind is broadly about cognitive science,  but more specifically focused on the interaction of language and thought through the lens of color. In shorter words: Color- how we see it, how we talk about it and what that can tell us about the brain and the mind.

The topics of this blog include categorization, consciousness,computation models of cognition, language and thought, perception etc.  Unlike most other color blogs, I will not be focusing as much on design/color choices/color palettes, though that stuff is cool too.

I aim to update the blog, once a week, on sundays.

As for me, I’m currently studying cognitive science  and color at the University of California, Berkeley.  I work as a research assistant in Terry Regier’s cognitive linguistics lab and my favorite color is dark, vivid forest green. In addition to liking color, I also like music- I sing, play the clarinet as well as play the guitar.


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